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We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect caregiver that'll provide a trustworthy, caring service at prices you can afford.

Caregiving For People With Parkinson’s In Fort Pierce & Vero Beach, FL

Let Preferred Private Care help to ease the burden of caring for you or your loved one with Parkinson’s disease. Our caregivers can provide valuable amenities for those with Parkinson’s disease to remain independent, and keep their dignity in the comfort of their home. You can trust Preferred Private Care to provide you with the compassionate support your loved one needs and deserves.


Support with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), such as meal preparation, feeding assistance, household chores, shopping, doctor’s appointments, and transportation.

Encouraging exercise, speech assistance

Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, transfer from bed to chair, walking support, helping with toileting and managing incontinence.

Fall and Injury Prevention

Medication reminders

Follow a routine in familiar surroundings to help reduce anxiety and avoid triggering symptoms.

Freedom to move around in a familiar, unrestricted environment.

Memory cognitive assistance through reminiscing, repetition of names, events, and places.

Respite care to allow some relief for the full time, family caregiver.

Improve the quality of life not only for the person with Parkinson’s but for their loved ones, as well.


The National Parkinson Foundation has established 10 warning signs of Parkinson’s disease. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these signs, please consult with a physician, as early diagnosis may offer you a chance to seek treatment, as well as to plan for the future.

  1. Tremor or shaking.
  2. Handwriting has suddenly gotten much smaller than in the past.
  3. Loss of Smell.
  4. Trouble Sleeping, Sudden movements during sleep.
  5. Trouble Moving or Walking, Feel stiff in your body, arms or legs.
  6. Constipation
  7. Soft or Low Voice when speaking in a normal time.
  8. Masked Face. Serious, depressed or mad look on your face more often or even when not in a bad mood.
  9. Dizziness or Fainting
  10. Stooping or Hunching Over. Not standing up as straight as you used to.

With an estimated one million Americans living with Parkinson’s disease, thousands of cases go undetected.
50,000-60.000 new cases of PD are diagnosed each year.

We assure you peace of mind that your loved one is getting the highest level of care possible, with experienced, caring, and compassionate nursing assistants.

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