When our parents get done with all their responsibilities, they feel like letting loose. They also start expecting a lot from us which is absolutely fine because at one point in time even they had sacrificed certain things for us.

But what happens when their kids fail to meet their expectations? Loneliness hits them and depression come into the picture. In the hustle and bustle of life, we do not even get time for ourselves, but it’s very important to look after the needs of our parents and grandparents. Depression could be chronic if the person who is suffering from it does not get a helping hand.

Reason for Depression in adults

Here are some of the signs of depression in older adults.

When They Stop Mingling with People

This could happen if your elderly parents stay alone at home all the time. Who does not like to go out and have a good time with friends and family? But, what can a person do if there is literally no one around them? They start accepting the fact and stop going out even if there is a scope of meeting someone. This might not happen with every older adult, but most of them get highly affected due to isolation. So, talk to them as much as you can and try making plans with them whenever you get time.

If They Lose Someone Dear

This will be heartbreaking for anyone and not just someone who has aged. Mental support is the only thing which people look out for during such situations. So, if your grandparents or parents have lost someone extremely close to their heart lately, stand by them like a rock.

When They Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Inability to sleep or insomnia is a clear indication of depression. Therefore, try to figure out what is bothering your older adults the most while sleeping. They might feel comfortable after sharing it with you, take them to a counselor if you feel that the problem is quite serious.

If They Stop Bothering About Their Appearance

Being presentable in front of people should be one of our utmost priorities because it tells a lot about our personalities. However, the urge of looking good might diminish after a certain age. Therefore, gift your parents new clothes or comb their hair if you see them roaming around in a messy attire. It will not only make them happy but would also eliminate depression from their lives to some extent.

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