High cholesterol does no good to your body. It can lead to coronary artery disease which affects the major blood vessels in our heart. Aging exposes us to such diseases and the severity may increase if a proper care is not taken.

You might have seen your parents taking medicines to control the cholesterol levels in their body, but that might not be enough to overcome it completely. Some alterations in their lifestyles could help them beat high cholesterol.

How to Control High Cholesterol Levels in Older People

We have elucidated some tips in this write-up and following them could be very helpful.

Change Their Diet

Eating greens will curb down the cholesterol levels, therefore, make sure they are having a lot of soluble fiber. Exclude processed foods from their diet right away if they eat it frequently. They don’t provide the sufficient amount of nutrients which our body needs. Also, try to cook meals with olive oil as it is extremely good for the heart and contains a variety of antioxidants.

Walks Should be a Part of Their Routine

Any kind of physical activity is good for health as it reduces weight and keeps a person fit. Hence, taking long walks is the best thing which older adults can do to control cholesterol levels. They must also get indulged in some simple activities such as climbing the stairs and free hand exercises. This routine should be followed every day to see the effect.

Encourage Them to Quit Smoking

Some people could be prone to high cholesterol due to their genetics and regular smoking will make the condition worse. Your older parents might be a little stubborn and disagree on quitting smoking, but it’s your responsibility to make them give up on it. Drinking a lot of alcohol might also deteriorate their health, so eliminating liquor would also be a wise decision.

Laugh Along with Them

You must know that low cholesterol in a human body can also affect us in several ways and it triggers depression in older people as well. Thus, laugh along with your parents and grandparents every day to make them live a happy life.

Their Thyroid Must Function Well

Thyroid can also get correlated with cholesterol, so, talk to their doctor and ask him/her to do a test. It would be great if the thyroid levels are under control. But, if it’s not, make them follow what the doctor says.

It is very important to pay heed to your older parent’s health. Call us today at 772-465-0500 to opt for our care-giving services. We will make sure they receive care and love.