Our health starts deteriorating with age and Alzheimer’s is one such disease which can worsen over time. Most people go through dementia because of Alzheimer’s and it takes place when a brain cell death happens over time.

It is very important to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system in order to fight Alzheimer’s. However, today we will be discussing the early signs of it.

The symptoms are given right below. Your aged parents or grandparents might be going through it if they are facing the below-mentioned problems.

Difficulties in Doing Daily Tasks

Is your grandparent finding it difficult to make his/her morning tea? Does an ordinary task seem like a big challenge for them? Then it could be a sign of Alzheimer. Consult a doctor right away and find out what is the problem so that the severity does not escalate.

When Memory Loss Comes Into the Picture

This is one of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Constantly forgetting about things and not being able to register anything in mind could be the indications. The struggle of recalling everything is immense due to which maintaining a note becomes mandatory.

Losing Out on Things

Misplacing things could be another sign. Sometimes, older adults keep their things in unusual places and then find it difficult to trace them. Find out if this is happening with your parents or anyone older at your home.

Facing Difficulties While Speaking

Indulging in a conversation might also be a problem. People with Alzheimer’s could stop in between a conversation because they may lose track of what is happening. They might also start repeating the same thing which he/she had mentioned a while back. This can make them unsocial.

Alterations in Mood

Mood swings and Alzheimer could go hand in hand. Thus, check if your grandparents or anyone old in the house has sudden alterations in mood.

Vision Problems

Difficulties in reading, identifying a color or having problems while driving could lead to Alzheimer’s. The condition could get worse if not treated on time.

Ignoring General Hygiene

People going through Alzheimer’s might not care about their general hygiene and might stay in an unkempt way.

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