Home is where the heart is, it’s a place where we can be ourselves, therefore, the environment around us should be jovial and secure. We become extra cautious regarding the safety if older adults stay with us.

They could be exposed to a lot of uncalled problems if some measures are not taken. Your grandparents at one point of time were as active as you, but now, they might be looking for a helping hand.

Checklists for Parents safety

We have provided a checklist right below, it will give you a clear understanding of the safety conditions.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher

Mishaps can take place at any point in time as they don’t notify us before emerging. Your grandparents won’t remember about every single thing that they do. Hence, there could be an instance where the candle which was lit during a power cut is still not blown off and this could set something on fire at your place. Such scenarios can be tackled if you keep a fire extinguisher in your home. But for that, your grandparents must know how to use it.

Make it an Insect Free Zone

A sting or bite of an insect can cause deadly diseases and older adults might find it extremely difficult to cope up with such situations. Apply insect repellent on their skin and clothes and you must make sure that they sleep inside a mosquito net. Insect repellents can also be sprayed all over the house, however, you can avoid this if your grandparents have breathing issues. Do not forget to close the windows once its dusk.

Keep a Water Absorbent Mat In Front of the Washroom

Sometimes, water gets accumulated in front of the washroom and the chances of slipping escalate due to that. Older adults anyway struggle to balance most of the times, thus placing a water absorbent mat right outside your washroom would be a good idea. This way, they won’t slip and fall.

The Staircases Must Have Handrails

Elderly people certainly need support while walking down the stairs. If the staircases in your home do not have handrails, right away get them constructed because your grandparents must be facing a lot of difficulties due to it.

Get Sturdy Furniture

Your grandfather might enjoy his leisure time sitting in a rocking chair and reading a book, but what if it’s not robust enough to sustain? The chair could break at any point of time and lead to an accident. So, get types of furniture that are sturdy enough.

Always try to make your grandparents happy by doing something or the other for them. Remember that even a little bit of contribution would make them beam with joy. Contact us @ our Fort Pierce location or call us at 772-465-0500 to know how to brighten up their day.