Isolation is one of the major reasons for triggering depression and mostly, elder people are exposed to it. There are several consequences which could arise due to loneliness such as, alcoholism, negative changes in behavior and so on.

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You feel like giving up on everything after a certain age because according to you, your responsibilities in life finally get over. But you forget to live for yourself. You must know that you can overcome even the toughest of phase if you have a strong willpower.

Scroll down to know how you can get rid of loneliness.

Come Up with a Hobby: Being busy or getting indulged in any sort of activity will never let you feel lonely. You might have had a hobby during your younger days which you cannot recall now. Try to figure it out somehow by going through old pictures or asking someone associated with you about it. You will certainly remember your long lost hobby at one point of time. It could be playing an instrument or reading books. So, get involved in it once again.

Take Care of Your Transportation: You might feel like a burden on people if they drive you around or drop you to the place where you feel like going. But this will keep you grounded at home. You cannot cover the distances by walking every time. Some of you might know how to drive but the ones who don’t should think about their transportation.

Get Your Vision Tested and Hearing Problem Treated: A lot of older adults don’t feel like socializing because of their poor vision or hearing problem. They should get both the issues checked immediately for their betterment. Take this point very seriously if you are one of them or know someone who is facing such similar problems.

Have Your Meals with Others: Who would want to eat alone? You might have got habituated to it but try to share your meals with others from now on. This will not only make your mood jovial but would also let you open up about things. This is a great way of eliminating isolation.

Make Use of Technologies: Don’t ignore using adaptive technologies such as hearing machines and walkers. You should definitely make use of such technologies as they will help you to become independent. And the more you feel independent, the more you will feel like going outside and socialize.

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