Older adults suffering from dementia can have sudden outbursts which may get difficult to tackle in certain situations. They can express their negative emotions in various ways and a companion caregiver must understand the real causes behind such behavioral changes.

Older Adults Diminish Anger in Dementia

Getting agitated is quite common among dementia patients, but there can always be ways of reducing the anger and help them during the course of the disease.

Today, let us learn about the tips that can help a dementia patient reduce his immense anger. Always remember, an older adult might need some extra care to get through a problem.

  • Your older adult might behave like a kid by being extremely stubborn, but you must not restrain them from taking some decisions. Doing this may worsen the situation. However, you can simplify their decisions by offering a few choices, this way they won’t get confused about what to choose and what to not. For example, if your grandparent is perplexed what to wear at a family get together, keep two to three options in front of him. He might not take much time to decide.
  • Anger as we said is a common emotion among people suffering from dementia. Someone elderly at your home who is experiencing the disease needs your utmost love to fight it. Be very patient with your older adult if he is getting agitated and make him understand calmly, this approach might work.
  • A person affected with dementia could feel stressed and frustrated if they are most of the times surrounded by a lot of people or stay amid a noisy place. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the environment quiet for them. Dementia patients might find it hard to think or concentrate on things if the place they are in is not calm.
  • Someone with dementia will certainly snap at you if they are fatigued, therefore, make everything extremely simple for them and help them from not getting overtired.
  • If your older adult who is suffering from dementia finds it difficult to do his tasks, don’t stop him. It might not make him feel independent, for example, replace his shoes with a slip-on if he finds it difficult to tie them.
  • Everyone loves to be respected so does people affected with dementia. Therefore, treat them with care and respect.

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