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Be Healthy And Safe During The COVID Outbreak!

COVID 19 pandemic undoubtedly teaches people many lessons including the importance of self-discipline, acquiring new skills, the significance of exercising, and more. It has shown how irrelevant castes, religions, and genders are to protect oneself from this deadly virus. It has become a threat to the whole planet. Staying home is the only way to prevent infection. It is a highly contagious disease that can spread through coughing, sneezing, body fluids, etc.

Living in a confined space for a long time and being bombarded by news and information about the pandemic leads to fretfulness, worry, boredom, and panic. Most people experience a feeling of depression and fear, especially the elderly community as they are at more risk due to poor immune systems. Stress brings several other complications like chest congestion and insomnia. Remember that you can fight the situation only by staying fit.

covid 19

This virus attacks the lungs usually. It forms an excessive amount of mucus that blocks all the breathing ways of your respiratory system. Gradually, infected people feel breathing difficulties that lead to a terrible death. The scientist community and doctors are struggling constantly to relieve people with the necessary medicines and other medical support.

CORONA virus crisis

Families are losing their dear ones

Friends are losing their companions

Employers are losing their workers

Medical professionals like nurses, doctors, and other staff are helping patients constantly at the cost of their own lives

People have lost their jobs and many businesses have compelled to close their companies

Unemployment has reached an intense peak in some countries

People have learned two new terms in the CORONA outbreak – social distancing and economic lockdown

In this crisis period, you need to fulfill your duty as a human being. It starts from enhancing your wellbeing and protection against COVID 19 virus. If everyone follows some safety measures, the outbreak can be reduced significantly.

Here is a list of things you should remember to live a disease-free life in this situation.

Enjoy Every Moment

Once there was a time when your life was so busy that you have the least time for spending time with family members. Enjoy the lockdown period spending quality time with your kids, spouse, and elder family members.

Communicate with Friends and Relatives

The government has implemented social distancing but it is the perfect time to patch up old relationships. Reducing the secretion of the stress hormone, communicate old friends and relatives on lockdown days.

Follow the Government Instructions

The government has imposed some rules like social distancing, wearing masks, etc. Every responsible citizen should follow these rules. Stop roaming here and there unnecessarily. Otherwise, you can become a victim of COVID 19.

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Stay Healthy

Eating healthy food boosts your immunity and keeps you away from any infection. Exercises also keep you fit and boost your immunity. Running, jogging, walking, cycling, yoga, etc should be there in your routine. Practice hand washing several times in a day with alcohol-inducing hand rub. Use sanitizer when you are outside the home. Drink plenty of fluids especially hot tea, coffee, and soups to prevent COVID 19. Avoid eating junk and processed food but keep more fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. Enhance your cleanliness. Expose yourself in the sunlight at least for 15 minutes every day. Enhancing your safety, maintaining hygiene is the basic rule.

During this challenging situation never forget to enhance calmness in your mind. People from any background have to adopt a certain lifestyle. To stand up against the COVID virus , positive emotions will influence your capacity, creativity, and overall health.


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