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Hobby Ideas for Seniors Person.

As caregivers, the job goes beyond just caring for the health and basic needs of seniors. One needs to connect with the senior and to assist them in engaging in activities that will help improve their quality of life and better allow them to enjoy their later years. Depending on how mobile the senior is; there are a number of different activities that seniors can take part in, inside and outside of the home, that will allow them to express their creativity, get social interaction, and enjoy the world around them a little bit more.

Finding out what the senior’s interests and preferences are is the first step in developing a good plan of action for creating an outlet for hobbies. Once you know what they enjoy doing, as well as the limitations they face, you can come up with a number of different options that will keep them active, happy and healthy. Hobbies are great ways for seniors to spend their time as it improves their feelings of worth, wellbeing, and happiness. It has also been shown that remaining active is a great way to keep a sharp, healthy brain and reduce the cognitive signs of aging.

What follows is by no means an exhaustive list of the different activities there are to choose from, but they are some of the more popular or accessible choices available. If nothing on this list catches your eye, don’t fret, just think about what your senior enjoys and you’ll easily come up with a number of options for hobbies that they can engage in.

  • Low Impact Exercise: Exercise is good for both the mind and body and it can also be turned into a fun activity or social event. Low impact activities such as light walking or swimming are highly recommended for mobile seniors. Mall walking is a great way for seniors to socialize and also get in a bit of exercise. Swimming can also be a social activity and it is a ton of fun, bringing out the kid in people, regardless of how young or old they are.
  • Book Clubs: Reading enthusiasts often enjoy the social engagement of discussing books with others. Many libraries and local bookstores have a number of different book clubs and some of them are dedicated to seniors. A book club is a great way for the avid reader to socialize as well as to get pleasure from discussing books they enjoy reading. These are often free to join, making them accessible even to seniors on a fixed income.
  • Crafting: Creating something with our hands is a very pleasurable activity and there are many crafts and other creative activities that seniors can participate in. Encourage your senior to learn how to scrapbook, woodwork, dance, or even learn how to play a new instrument. Most of the fun is in the process of learning and there are many senior-specific courses that use larger materials or simpler designs that are more suitable to older people.
  • Giving Back to the Community: Helping others is something that many seniors miss as they age. At one time, they had children and a spouse that relied upon them, but as they move out and move on, this is no longer required. Many people really enjoy doing something nice for others. Consider taking the senior to volunteer to read at a local school or to visit with animals at a local shelter. Not only will this likely be something very enjoyable to the senior, it is also a great service to the community.
  • Join a Class or Group: Learning something new or participating in something you love with others is a great outlet and something that age does not have to get in the way of. Seniors are more than capable of learning new skills or concepts. Enrolling in a foreign language course, art course or to join a local theater group are some of the activities that stimulate the brain, allow for an outlet of creativity and give seniors something to look forward to. 

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